Terms and Conditions

  1. Documentation For Renting A Scooter In Bali*
    • International Driving License is required for foreigner and National Driving License for Indonesian
    • Passport (foreigner) / ID Card (Indonesian)
    • Address to your hotel in Bali
    • Email address and phone number
    • Cash in Indonesian Rupiah
  2. 1 Day Calculation starting from 00:00 to 23:59 or 1×24 hours*.
  3. Deposit min. IDR1,000,000 (depend with scooter type) as a warranty during a rental periods*.
  4. Free Delivery or free of additional fees for the specified area.
  5. The renter will be full responsible to any consequences caused by letting or giving the motorbike to be driven by other person other than the renter.
  6. It is not permitted to drive motorbike to outside of Bali Island without company approval.
  7. Cancellation will be charge 50% of the rest rental rate.
  8. Renter is fully responsible for any expenses occur such as: Engine or body break caused by negligent, flat tire, damages the tire, lost motorbike’s document, lost ignition key, lost helmet. Without prior approval, it is not allowed to service or repair the motorbike.
  9. Whenever the Renter leaves or park the motor bike unattended it should be locked properly.
  10. If helmets & accessories lost or swapped motorbikes will be charged; Helmet : IDR100,000  
    For accessories, please contact our customer service.
  11. Leaky Tires after the first day of rental or handover, punctured tires are no longer our responsibility.
  12. We recommend finding the nearest repair shop when a tire is leaking or breaking down (damage or trouble fees are charged – to the renter).
  13. The renter is responsible if there is damage to the motor unit or loss of the motor unit, each replacement price for spare parts will be determined according to the prevailing prices at authorized dealers, this aims to avoid overprice charges.
  14. The renter is Fully Responsible for all forms of loss of the motor unit and if legal problems arise as a result of errors / omissions in the use of the motorbike during the rental period.
      • *require


“ERADICATE MOTOR THEFT SYNDICATES: Gusti Bali Scooter Rental cooperates with the Bali Regional Police, the Indonesian Motorcycle Rental Association and the Bali Motorcycle Rental Association. We WILL IMMEDIATELY take firm action and prosecute any person who is indicated by a syndicate or has been linked to a blacklist, pawnbroker, embezzlement, to DPO rental associations throughout Indonesia.”


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